Rawlings MACH Series Catchers Set (Intermediate)

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Get unmatched comfort, style, and performance behind the plate with the Mach catcher's gear set. This complete set includes a Mach series catcher's helmet, chest protector, and leg guards too.

The redesigned, Mach hockey-style catcher's helmet features high performance IMPAX padding which absorbs and disperses force. It also offers a sleek profile with optimized ventilation for a cool, comfortable fit. In addition, it's equipped with a football style shin strap that keeps the helmet more securely in place.

The Mach chest protector meets NOCSAE­® commotio cordis standard thanks to its Arc Reactor Core™. This revolutionary technology disperses forceful impacts and dampens ball rebounds. The Dynamic Fit System™ 2.0 offers a more form-fitting design, and a more flexible shoulder and back harness for maximum comfort behind the plate. Its leather design gives you a sleek, pro-style look behind the plate too.

The Mach leg guards are the most innovative leg guards you'll find. After years multiple years of engineering and testing, these leg guards were created to fit well, and perform at the highest level. The new Intelligent Knee Positioning technology provides a low profile, full conforming fit for unmatched comfort. Inspired by motocross style leg guards, these Mach catcher's leg guards fully conform around your knee to provide full protection while standing, squatting, or sitting.