Heads Up Dribble Glasses

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The KBA Heads Up Dribble Glasses help develop good fundamentals in basketball dribbling by forcing players to dribble without looking at the ball. Having player’s heads up allows them to watch opponents and make better passing, shooting, and dribbling decisions.


KBA Heads Up Dribble Glasses

  • Develop better dribbling skills…  designed to wear during ball handling dribbling drills for quick improvement.
  • Blocks vision of the basketball when dribbling so players look down the court, not down at the ball.
  • Trains players to have better ball control and improved awareness of the court.
  • Increase player’s court vision by keeping their heads up to watch opponents & make better passing, shooting & dribbling decisions.
  • Made with soft, flexible plastic for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable, One size fits all fr the Basketball Dribbling Goggles