Demarini - The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Size 33" / 30 oz

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  • DeMarini The Goods ONE BBCOR Baseball Bat: WTDXGOC22

    The Goods ONE BBCOR delivers a simple build, but nothing will be simple about the power that this bat displays!

    Bat Benefits

    Say “hello” to a classically designed baseball bat with this The Goods One BBCOR model. DeMarini makes this bat out of the same X14 Alloy that is used on The Goods 2-Piece BBCOR. That material is specifically made to shine when a power hitter has this bat in their hands. 

    The combination of a one-piece design and hefty end load will make this bat a necessary addition to any power hitter’s bat bag. The one-piece build allows batters to feel like all of the power they put into their swing also gets transferred into the distance of their hit and nothing is lost in “extra flex” between the barrel and handle (two-piece bats can often display “extra flex”). The end load will be loved by power hitters because if you can efficiently whip the loaded barrel through the zone, you’ll be able to put more force into the baseball and hit it further!

    If you’re ready to establish your prowess as a power hitter, then definitely consider The Goods ONE BBCOR bat.