2024 Demarini - The Goods (-3) BBCOR Baseball Bat

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Size 33" / 30 oz

SKU WBD2462010
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DeMarini The Goods One BBCOR Baseball Bat: WBD2463010

Elevate your game and dominate swings with the one-piece, slightly end loaded DeMarini The Goods One (-3) BBCOR Bat. Buy today with free, fast shipping at JustBats!

Bat Benefits

Designed for dynamic power hitters who possess the ability to revolutionize the game with a solitary swing. Elevate your performance with this bat that harnesses unparalleled potency at the plate. The iconic X14 Alloy Barrel, known for its colossal dimensions, makes a triumphant return, now adorned with a fresh USA flag decal, truly encapsulating the spirit of the game.

Crafted with an unyielding, one-piece alloy construction, The Goods One offers a tactile experience reminiscent of wooden bats, while effortlessly launching pitches beyond the outfield fence. Enriching the handle is a Reinforced Metal Fusion Knob, carefully engineered using a fusion of alloy and composite elements, elevating durability and amplifying your control. Moreover, backed by DeMarini’s Expanded Warranty, your investment is safeguarded, enabling multiple repairs or exchanges within the first year of purchase. The Bat Experts at JustBats encourage you to explore this exceptional masterpiece, tailored to bring a new dimension to your batting prowess.


DeMarini is ready to help customers who need assistance with their top-of-the-line baseball bats. If you got this bat from JustBats and a warranty issue arose on it within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase, please let JustBats know. Or Bat Experts are trained in warranty knowledge and will be happy to assist with getting you the information needed to reach DeMarini and get a warranty replacement bat. DeMarini will provide as many qualifying repairs or replacements of your non-wood BBCOR bat as needed within 1 year from the date of purchase under the BBCOR Expanded 1-Year Limited Warranty. The warranty period shall expire at the later of either 1 year from the date of your original purchase or three months after the date of your receipt of the last warranty replacement BBCOR bat.